I've been very successful for many years creating sharp opening lines. What I do is very similar to what the large computer groups and sharps do. My lines will predict with a high degree of accuracy which way the lines will move in the betting market. By taking a position on early numbers I create huge value versus the closing lines. In the NFL I was a huge winner for the many seasons I posted my picks, lines and analysis for free on various sports betting forums, but mostly at TheRx.com. My threads received thousands of view every week. It is all documented as "thecruncher," "the sports cruncher" or "thesportscruncher" there if you'd care to search it. My old blog has much of the same information as well. The link is below. I started NCAA football handicapping 4-5 years ago and the average returns have proven even higher than my NFL winnings.

Hi, I'm Paul. I create point spreads for American football. I use box score data and Excel to crunch the numbers.



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"My starting point for each week of the football season is a top notch model. No one delivers the goods better than Paul Compton. I don't see how any serious analyst can pass on this information, simple as that."
Dave Cokin - Las Vegas sports handicapper, radio and tv personality
"I have to say, I almost don't even care if your plays win or lose anymore because your ability to predict line movement is so fricking uncanny that it's been very fun to watch. It's great that it's football gambling blah blah blah but the fact that you can so routinely and near perfectly predict market movement is what's impressive here." Big Dipper, from therx.com. (click for quote source)



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