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Market Cheat Sheet

Here is an example file of the Market Cheat Sheet (2015 week 6):

What it is and How to Use it

I've been using spreadsheets to handicap american football for almost 15 years.  My projections are sharper than the opening lines so they predict with uncanny accuracy which way the lines will move throughout the week. By investing in my recommended plays early in the week you will save hundreds of points against the closing market every year. Last year's savings and profits are fully documented here on the site.


The recommended plays are now going to be sent out before the market cheat sheet, starting on Monday morning for sides and Tuesday morning for totals. Once all clients have received the recommended plays, the market cheat sheet will be sent out to everybody.


After  you've made an investment, you log the number played and the team or Over/Under in the appropriate column. Then, as you update the current available lines you'll be able to see how your "portfolio" is doing versus current market values. I've been doing this for many years in the NFL and NCAA and my weekly portfolio ALWAYS picks up value, usually very good value. Sometimes I will add another investment on the same team or total later in the week. If that's the case I just average the number of the two investments made and list that in the investment column.

The total profile is created by looking at several different factors. The addition of each + symbol adds to the strength of the profile, so a simple "Over" is a lean on the Over while an "Over++" means I think it will be a very high-scoring game.