• Paul Compton

TSC Lines for Week 4 Now Online

Check them out on the "TSC Lines" drop down menu. So far the lines have picked up a half point on average versus the opening lines. As usual, the market likes a Navy Under where I like the Over, lol. Last week I was right with the ECU@Navy Over. Can I make it two weeks in a row against a plodding UConn team? I decided to take a shot at the WMU @ OSU Under even though my number was pretty much right on it because of how poorly OSU has been playing on offense while their defense has been spectacular. Sometime thereafter Right Angle Sports or some such triggered an upward avalance on that total, costing me some value on that play. Other than that I think I've been on the right side of line movement with the rest of the plays, and many of those are having the lines starting to creep or correct towards my numbers. I expect to pick up at least another 10 points on on all my lines and totals by Saturday. The plays are pretty much set for the week. I may make a couple of middle plays on some totals - I'm watching the lines to try and buy back at the right time.