• Paul Compton

The Sports Cruncher's College Football Market Cheat Sheet Available Soon!

Like they do every week, my lines and recommended plays performed very well against the market's closing numbers. Sides were especially strong in week 4, where games that still had over 10% of line value versus the closing numbers went an incredible 13-1 against the spread. Verification is as easy as checking my posted lines for the week.

My Cheat Sheet will be sent out before the opening lines are even posted, so you'll be ready to attack the weak lines and take numerous market positions that always increase in value versus the market lines as the week progresses. It really is that easy, I've been doing it for well over 10 years, with almost all of it posted free in online forums. My work is incredibly valuable and worth compensation for the time and expertise that goes into creating my lines. At the same time, my Cheat Sheet which contains all my lines for the week is rather affordable, as I believe the edge it provides is best suited to those on a medium to small bankroll -- those who can't overpay for insider information, even if it's consistently valuable.

Contact me via the email box for weekly and rest of season prices.