• Paul Compton

"From the Files Of..." Thoughts While Perusing College Football Week 6 Box Scores

From the "One Quarter Ain't a Ball Game" Files:

Ball State leading 3-0 after 1st Q. with +10.5 and Under 56 invested. 41-59 final score. Sigh.

Boston College has mastered the fine art of not scoring. Outgained Wake 270-142, scores zero points, causes my 3 team round robin teasers to go 1-2 instead of 3-0.

From the "28:30 Left in the Game is too Early to go for 2 When Leading by 12" Files:

Florida Atlantic, who's failure just barely into the second half might have cost me both FAU -1.2 and Over 58.

From the "What More Do We Have To Do???" Files:

UMass, who scored 10+7+14+7=38 points, throwing on 80% of their plays, and still lost 24 points.

From the "How Exactly Did They Score Those Points?" Files:

Tulane 110 yards, Temple 345 yards. 59 total points in game. #Under49Loser

From the "They Must've Thought They Had a Discard Any Half Card" Files:

UTEP, who trailed 42-3 at the half. UTEP +14.5 & Under 49.5 would've preferred two second halves of UTEP losing 9-10.

For once I won't say Duke deserved to lose/not cover. #FailArmy

From the "In Case You Needed More Than The Infinite Amount of Proof That Time of Possession Is A Meaningless Stat" Files:

New Mexico State held the ball for almost a full quarter more than Ole Miss...loses 3-52.

From the "You Just Lost the Under on the First Play of the Game" Files:

Michigan returns opening kickoff for touchdown, Under 36 loses to a 38-0 final score.

From the "Run Game? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Run Game! Wait...Maybe We Need A Run Game" Files:

Miami, with 405 pass yards and just 20 run yards, while losing to Florida State 24-29 (still just got the Over 50.5).

Oklahoma ends the Red River Rivalry with a period. Texas with an exclamation point!

The Fade Train that passes through Columbus and East Lansing every week is still an easy mark for a good old fashioned Western train robbing.

It kinda' broke my heart a little to see Kansas State QB Hubener crying on the sidelines after losing a game they led by 18 at the half versus TCU. Today I looked at the box score. Kansas State did not deserve to win.

Is NCST's QB Janky Brisket really a top 5 QB NFL prospect?