• Paul Compton

On to the Buy Backs

On to the buy backs. A lot of the games I bought extra units to set up for some buy backs are 9 AM my time games. I barely get up in time for that, lol. I find it's usually better to wait until the last minute to get the best buy back line, but I don't want to have to worry about getting the ones in the morning where I've already picked up some good line value. There are a few more I'll wake up and hope I've gotten a little more movement my way. ***These are buy backs/middles which means I bet the opposite side of these for more earlier in the week*** NW ML (-105) 1.6 units UCF +17 @ TULSA (-105 5D) .6 UNIT FAU @ WKU UNDER 68 (-106 5D) .9 UNIT VAN @ FLA OVER 36.5 (-108 5D) .6 UNIT LSU @ ALA OVER 45 1 UNIT (Late game but can't imagine this one going any lower, and will probably see some buy backs creeping it back up tomorrow.) UTAH @ WASH OVER 43.5 .5 UNIT (-103 5D) (I think this one has bottomed out too.)