• Paul Compton

Cincinnati @ South Florida 11/20/15

The secret is out on South Florida now -- they are playing extremely well. Even still there is line value on them against Cincinnati, due to the fact that the Bulls have a huge mismatch with their running game versus CIN's terrible run defense. Couple USF's strong running game with the fact that QB Flowers is now finding big play success with his receiving corps and I project USF to easily score into the 30s, making the Team Total Over 30.5 a pretty solid play. USF's pass defense has been improving, and they'll need everything they can wring out of it, as CIN has a top ten pass offense with QB Kiel back at the helm. Cincinnati shouldn't keel over in this game, but a Kiel Over play should be a solid play. Over 62 that is. Man, I just couldn't quite pull off that pun like I wanted to, lol.

Recommended Investements:

Over 62 1%

USF +2 0.8%

USF Team Total Over 30.5 0.5%