• Paul Compton

Idaho Potato Bowl: Akron vs Utah State

Akron finished the season on a hot streak, while Utah State just "mehed" its way to the finish line. The run and pass projections for both teams are both within 1/10 of a yard of each other -- this should be a close game. Utah State had a much tougher schedule. Akron turned to sophmore QB Woodson after Senior Pohl and sophomore Chapman struggled splitting time against OKLA & PITT to open the season. That's a tough starting schedule, but apparently coach Bowden had seen enough and it's been sophomore Woodson ever since for the Zips. Woodson grew more comfortable with the offense as the season progressed, which helped open up success for the running game as well. Akron really is playing better offensively now than their overall numbers and rankings might suggest. Their defense, of course, is still their better half, where I rank them 34th. Utah State, in a statistically unexplainable move, has gone back to QB Keeton after he's mostly recovered from injuries. QB Myers has been a much better passer this year, and a better runner as well. At this point I'm hoping USU continues with this strange Senior moment (Keeton a Senior -- Myers a Sophomore), as I laid the +7 with Akron already, as I project them to be almost a coin flip against the Aggies for the win.

Recommended plays to subscribers when the lines opened: AKR +7 - 1%. Under 49.5 - 0.7%.