• Paul Compton

Texas Bowl: LSU vs Texas Tech

Leonard Fournette is really looking forward to seeing some holes again. It's been awhile -- the poor guy has suffered, and is now out of the picture for the Heisman race he previously led back when there were, you know, holes. He's going to see Eastern Michigan sized holes in this one, that game way back when where LSU averaged 8.1 ypc in a game. LSU had a fairly tough schedule in the final month when their season disintegrated, but the problem was nearly just as much one of defense as offense. They only had one bad running game in that stretch (against ARK, a loss) and one bad passing game (against TA&M, a win). I wouldn't worry about their offense in this game. LSU's defense has had just one "worst" game against the run (ARK) and pass (FLA - pre Grier suspension) each all year. That hangover they had after the Alabama loss was a big one, they got murdered in the run match ups at home against ARK. TTU's running game is actually very good (10th) and has the match up advantage over LSU's run defense, but not nearly as much as the aforementioned reverse for LSU. TTU's pass offense is also good (21st), but not it won't be quite so advantageous against LSU's 3rd ranked pass defense. I like LSU to wear down TTU in this game, adding buffering scores late into the game with their bruising running game. Lay the chalk, and love it.

*** TTU WR Lauderdale has been suspended, and 3 other defensive players have announced they are transferring.