• Paul Compton

The Sports Cruncher 2016 NCAA Football College Preseason Guide is Now Available

The guide is an Excel file, as it's easiest for me to create that way. It also allows you to sort data on the main TeamStats tab.

The guide contains data compiled from my work of last season, as well as projections for this season plus a visual chart showing the end of season 2-Deep depth chart for each team with which players are returning, so you can quickly see where teams are returning the most or losing the most strength.

The free version has everything except the score projections for the first six weeks of the season. The full season total wins projection are still in there. I didn't do any detailed write ups, but my study of each team is reflected in the projections. You will receive the free version of the guide in an email after signing up for my free weekly newsletter.

The full version will be emailed to paid season subscribers after their sign up is complete. You can find the sign up on the "About" page from the menu above.