• Paul Compton

2016 NCAAF Week #2 Results

I absolutely lit it up on sides in week #2, up more than 9 units and a high enough % picking every game against the spread to move up into the top two in 3 main categories at I'm currently ahead of the midweek and updated lines, which is tough to do. We'll see how long it lasts.

As usual we got huge closing line value on the totals, but didn't run very well on them (which is not hard to do) and finished just a little down on them for the week. That was a result of losing the play I had the biggest exposure on, which in and of itself shouldn't have happened, lol. I hadn't updated Akron's faster tempo, which have bumped the play down to what would have just ended up being a one unit exposure. On top of that, if TCU had made the game winning field goal that was blocked, we would have hit the big middle with 3 units Under 62.5 and 2 units Over 57.5. But nope, instead it goes to OT where we end up losing a unit +juice. And the score was 13-0 at halftime! Sheesh.

Overall we were +92 points on closing line value, bringing the total to +139.5 after two weeks of college football. When you get it in good, like we always do, you're all but guaranteed to turn a steady profit over time.