• Paul Compton

Ranking the NFL Teams Post Week 9

#1 - Cowboys (!, passing the Pats who were idle last week)

#2 - Patriots

#3 - Falcons

#4 - Packers

#5 - Seahawks

#6 - Bills

#7 - Chargers

#8 - Titans

#9 - Broncos

#10 - Cardinals

#11 - Eagles

#12 - Dolphins

#13 - Giants

#14 - Panthers

#15 - Ravens

#16 - Raiders

#17 - Bears

#18 - Bengals

#19 - Jets

#20 - Vikings

#21 - Redskins

#22 - Steelers

#23 - Chiefs

#24 - Lions

#25 - Saints

#26 - Jaguars

#27 - Rams

#28 - Bucs

#29 - Texans

#30 - Colts

#31 - Browns

#32 - 49ers

I'll be the first to admit there are some surprising rankings in there, and they don't really reflect the point spreads I've generated for this week. I'd put the top 3 teams as the upper echelon right now. Starting with the Packers, they lead a group with pretty tightly packed power ratings where 18 teams are within 12 points of each other, with no gap bigger than a point between any of them. So that makes the Packers the best of the average teams right now, and the Steelers the worst of the average teams.

After the Steelers there's a 3 point drop off to the Chiefs, the best of the below average teams. I know most are going to rank the Chiefs higher than I do. I'm cool with it. They are in no way as good as their 6-2 record would indicate, in my opinion. Their only really quality win was in week #1 against the Chargers, a game they almost blew. They surprisingly dominated the Raiders in Oakland. Judging how Oakland played before and after that game, I guess the Andy Reid coming off of a bye mojo is a real thing.

The worst of the below average teams are the Texans, at 29th. After them there's a 4 point drop off down to the Colts (who just came off an impressive win versus the Packers, yes. It's the NFL, there's going to be upsets aided by opening kickoff touchdown returns). There's a 3.5 point drop off after the Colts to the Browns, and a 5.6 point drop off to the 49ers, who are clearly the worst team in the NFL by my metrics.