• Paul Compton

The Sports Cruncher's NCAAF Top 25 9/29/2019

The Sports Cruncher’s NCAAF Top 25 Post Week 5

1. Georgia

2. Ohio State

3. Alabama

4. Penn State

5. Clemson

6. Auburn

7. Oklahoma

8. Wisconsin

9. Notre Dame

10. LSU

11. Oregon

12. Iowa

13. TCU

14. Iowa State

15. Texas

16. Utah

17. Florida

18. Washington

19. Missouri

20. Michigan State

21. Oklahoma State

22. Baylor

23. Memphis

24. UCF

25. Michigan

Was higher than most on Penn State preseason, see no reason to back off yet. :) Notre Dame I feel is a bit inflated given the strong list of teams behind them, we'll see how it plays out. It's always tricky knowing where to slot in Group of 5 teams. I had Memphis and UCF a bit higher, I'll admit, but don't feel they deserved a spot higher than the teams I put above them. Michigan I put just below them just to dog them some more, lol.