The Weekly Crunch

Week #1

Crunching the PAC12 After Week #1


Coming into this season I was the only lunatic ranting online that not only was the PAC12 not at all close in strength to the SEC, it was, in fact, the weakest of the P5 conferences, if only by a little. After week #1 that gap has widened, substantially, and suddenly the lunatic's words are being bandied about online as a possible truth. The Numbers may be wrong on any given team on any given week, but as a whole they form an opinion that is always more right than wrong in the long run. Thus speaketh The Numbers, lol.


ARIZONA -- They are who we thought they were. Over rated. Apparently Scooby Wright is good for about 250 yards of defensive prevention for the Wildcat defense. Without him, they were outgained 525-392 at home by a UTSA so young they are essentially a high school team granted an extra year of eligibility. 13th graders. If I recall, Arizona had less than 20 yards of rushing offense at the half, before finally getting it going in the 2nd. QB Solomon was outplayed by someone named something like Bogenschutz. I'll check for the spelling when I get around to writing about the Mid Majors later this week.


ARIZONA STATE -- The Sun Devils' offense made the TA&M hiring of DC Chavis look like the hiring of the year. Defensively, ASU wasn't that bad, but an average day there was nowhere close enough to get them a win when there was offense was as dominated as it was. ASU is another school I've rated as over rated, and to put them in the top 20 to start the season was laughable. After that performance, they'll have to more than double up their power rating to even get close to another crack at being rated. Yeah, you do the math.  Despite the negativity, I think they regain some composure after this week, but I think their chances of being a dark horse for taking the PAC12 South are closer to being turned into glue than being saddled up.


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BROCCOLI -- The Bears thrashed an FCS team. They still might have one of the top offenses in the conference this year. We'll see. We'll also see about that defense...maybe when the actually play a team with an offense, which apparently won't happen next week against SDSU.


COLORADO -- Wittek's Revenge Against the PAC12 "1" -- Colorado "0". Hah -- actually, outside of a 79 yard pass TD surrendered early, the Buff's defense did a really good job against Hawaii. Their passing game, though, was atrocious -- not a very good completion % and short gainers when they were completed. Oh well, Liufau's numbers will probably improve once he plays PAC12 defenses, hehe.


OREGON -- Nothing new here -- lots of offense without much defense. Except...except this time it was kind of a scary amount of not much defense. QB Adams did a fine job against his old school. You had to figure with the numbers this kid has put up in his career that he'd have success at Oregon. I think that will continue.


OREGON STATE -- It was only Weber State, but Oregon State's youthful defense looks to be heading in the right direction under new HC Anderson and DC Sitake (pilfered from Utah). It will be fun to see how they do @ MICH this week, they might just hold their own defensively. I'm liking the Under potentially there, depending on the #. Offensively, QB Collins' legs impressed a lot more than his arm. Expect him to be scrambling and running a lot against the Wolverines next week, for better or worse.


STANFORD -- The Cardinal were in the Trinity of Week #1 Blasphemous Performances. Fans were hoping that the offense would continue playing at end of season form and that the defense wouldn't regress much after graduating losses. Wrong twice, suckahs! This week Stanford gets to right the tree against a UCF team who played badly in week #1 -- but hey, at least UCF was predicted by most to not be that good that game and this year.


UCLA -- Jesus Risen at QB is converting more than the fanatics after his week 1 performance against a good Virginia defense. Big blow defensively with the loss of star DT Vanderdoes.


USC -- A good game by the Trojans, though the score was misleading. USC did not dominate ARST that badly, outgaining them 509-401 yards. 4 turnovers by ARST must have mostly occurred in USC territory to only score 6 points with over 400 yards of offense. Still, the USC offense did pretty much whatever they wanted, and the defense did a good job against the pass. I rate UCLA's win more impressive than USC's though.


UTAH -- Of all the PAC 12 teams I could have faded last week I picked the Utes, who covered by a point. Great. To Utah's credit they were good against the run. They could've been hurt more against the pass, and the one pick 6 was the difference in the ball game. I would not at all say that MICH outplayed them in the game, but they did slightly outgain UTAH.


WASHINGTON -- It took a lot of good luck for WASH to get close to BOISE in the 2nd half, and then one stroke of bad luck as the game tying field goal whistled just right of the uprights at the end of the game. WASH's offense was a total mess. It was their defense that kept them in the game, making Boise's "returning everyone but the QB" offense look not that good, really.


WASHINGTON STATE -- Dumpster fire loss to Portland State. WSU still can't run the ball while Portland State was able to do so very well, which is alarming, as defending the run was the only thing WSU was okay at defensively last year. QB Falk was injured near the end of the game, but should be good to go next week, according to HC(razy) Leach. Don Best has him at "?" with a shoulder.


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